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WADDLERS (walking to 2 years old)

     Our Waddlers are beginnng to walk and develop their social skills and are learning how to interact with each other through sharing and taking turns.
     Throughout the day there are many opportunities to enhance language development using stories, dramatic play, singing, dancing and encouraging them to talk, talk, talk!  We teach children to use their words to express their feelings.
     Our individual daily reports gives parents information on their child's day at school, lunch, diapering and nap,

  TODDLERS (Ages 2 - 3)

     Our Toddler program is designed for very curious two year olds.  They are full of energy!  Our teachers are alert, understanding, flexible and creative.
     Our program emphasizes learning through play.  The children begin to sit together for short times to sing songs, play games or play a variety of musical instruments.  
     Our toddlers begin to explore their creativity using crayons, chalk, fingerpaint and glue.  Here the process is more important than the finished product.
     As toddlers begin to grow in their independence First Adventure will work with you to successfully potty train your child.  Our individual daily report gives parents information on their day at school, lunch, diapering and nap.


All of our programs encompass visits from people around the community such as: doctors, dentists, fireman, police, librarians to provide real world learning experiences.  We incorporate many community service projects throughout the year which teaches children that they too are a part of the community.
PRE - K ( 4 years old)
​     Our Pre-K program provides a wide variety of activities centered on getting 4 year olds ready for kindergaren.  
      During teacher guided circle time each child choose a "job". As a group we salute the flag, discuss the calendar, days of the week, weather and count friends.  It is at circle time where foreign language and sign language is practiced.
     Children are exposed to a wide variety of fine motor activities that help them develop skills that they need to write.  
     Pre-K lessons focus on the "letter of the week".  The lessons repetitiously uses the letter and sound of the letter and are reinforced with hands on activities that teach how those sounds blend to make words and sentences.
     Children's math experiences expand in Pre-K as they count higher and higher, compare more, make graphs, expand patterning skills and begin to add and subtract.
     Our Pre-K program includes field trips that reinforce science and discovery.  This helps your child to ask questions about "how" and "why".
     First Adventure 's students are very well prepared for kindergarten success!     
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PRESCHOOL (3 years old)
​     Three year olds are cooperativecheerful and eager to please!  They enjoy new experiences, their friends and they are becoming increasingly independent.
     In our preschool program emphasis is placed on social interaction and emotional growth.  Children learn to follow directions and take turns.  
     Teacher guided circle times allow children to learn how to function in a group setting.  Each child learns that there is a time to talk and a time to listen.
     Our preschoolers are introduced to the alphabet, they learn that each letter has a different shape and make different sounds.
     Storytime provides an excellent opportunity for lively group discussions that help children develop their comprehension, recollection of events, sequencing, description and cause and effect.  This helps thier pre-reading skills.
(ages 5 -12)

     Our before and after school program offers a safe, secure and supervised enviornment, full of stimulating activities for elementary school children.  Our daily routine has children exploring new projects, playing games, reading books or working on homework.  Our lessons reinforce the skills learned at elementary school.

Homework assistance is always available.

Direct bussing to Lacey Township schools.